n this, there is the typical Mireng and crackers Mendoan Banyumas

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Warung Soto Sokaraja-Mendoan So Marem in Tipes, Solo, offers a menu mainstay tempe mendoan. The menu is one of the specials, in addition to soup beef and chicken soup. original site https://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/

One serving tempe mendoan for Rp 10,000. The presentation of a serving tempe mendoan it in circumstances still steaming.

There are six tempe mendoan in single servings. Tempe mendoannya size three times bigger than the usual tempe mendoan sold in Solo and beyond.

Tempe mendoan ala Soto Sokaraja Stalls-Mendoan Marem fried So half-baked. Before tempe fried, dipped in flour, the spices and sliced scallions.
Spices are used, i.e., garlic salt, coriander, and galingale. One bowl of chili sauce and a few green chilies into typical tempe mendoan complement Banyumas that.

visitors love the peanut sauce to become the escort, the sambal tempe mendoan can also be ordered at once.
This savory tempe mendoan flavor, not too salty. Slices scallion make tempe mendoan aromas and flavors so typical.
Tempe mendoan is eaten while still warm. When tempe mendoan was cut into pieces and mixed with sambal sauce, guaranteed it feels increasingly favors. Warm and savory taste of tempe mendoan mixed with sweetness and spiciness sambal sauce.
The savory flavors of tempe mendoan combined with a soft peanut sauce and spicy flavor makes it the spiciness is more felt than spiciness sambal sauce.

"A lot of our customers eat tempe mendoan with a mixture of peanut sauce. There are also customers who eat crackers mireng mixed peanut sauce, "said stall owner, Ammiriel Kusumo Ayu.

Cracker mireng cracker is a typical area of Banyumas. Crackers was given the name "mireng" because its shape is like a yellow noodles fried. According to Ayu, he incurred the crackers it directly from Banyumas in the raw state, because there is no Solo in the crackers. original recipe at kokimganteng website


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