Rainbow Rainbow Pudding Recipe Is Super Delicious

11/21/2015 07:55


rainbow rainbow pudding recipe. One type of food often served as  dessert is pudding. recipe from kokimganteng blog The pudding is indeed similar to gelatin just that distinguish is flavor and form. The form of pudding is quite interesting and has a range of motives so much love as for jelly shape is just that – that's it. For a taste of its own sweeter pudding, chewy and has a lot of flavor.

In addition to dessert, pudding is also often used on important occasions such as hari raya, a celebration or a soothing atmosphere because arisan especially when the weather is hot because the pudding has the refreshing nature of the throat. Various types of puddings we know and one of them is Rainbow rainbow pudding. Why was named Rainbow pudding because of its varied such as the Rainbow and you are obliged to give it a try.

Very rare places that sell puddings like this, for it if Your hobbies or likes pudding type of food You can make yourself at home. The manufacturing process is not automated, so almost as much as you make the gelatin. However, when compared to the process of making jelly pudding is more difficult. Instead of talking at length, just You watch our reviews here.
Rainbow rainbow pudding recipe

The materials used
Fresh milk or milk full cream 1 litre
250 gr granulated sugar
Agar-agar powder white 1 bngks
Essence of almond or lemon essence 1 tsp
Food coloring 6 pieces
Fruit cocktail 1 can

How to make Rainbow rainbow pudding
The first step to cook gelatin, milk and sugar. For gelatin you can use nutrijell to taste or swallow. Stir the ingredients until the third boil then turn off the heat. Insert the almond essence and stir again until the steam comes out missing.
Fluid pudding is divided into six parts by way of putting it on a different container then given food coloring according to taste of course with different colours in order to be like a rainbow.
If it is, pour little by little liquid pudding into the mold of the sixth container in turn. But for the process of succession itself should wait after the previously poured a little water freezes and so on until the finish.
In order for the freezing process faster, you can put it in the refrigerator like refrigerator and do not forget to give canned fruit or toping vla to taste each so the look more interesting. go to kokimganteng site
Rainbow rainbow pudding ready served.

How easy, not how to make it? The beautiful color as a Rainbow will certainly arouse our appetite for tasting the pudding. This pudding can be friends and beloved family get together. For mothers at home, good luck.


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