The Dangers Of Consuming Goat Meat In Excess

11/21/2015 15:41

One of the things
that are difficult to avoid when the feast of Eid al-Adha arrived was eating mutton or beef. look at kokimganteng recipe

Actually there are many good things that are conceived by red meat like mutton and beef. For example, beef is an excellent source of protein and essential nutrients, such as iron and vitamin B12 that are essential for health.

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However, Ari Fahrial sham, an expert in the disease at one time Professor gastroentrologi, Department of internal medicine, University of Indonesia said that not only the meat course which is consumed, but also animal fats, including the inside of the animal's body a.k.a. offal.

According to Ari, offal-offal, such as liver, brain, lung, bowel, spleen from sacrificial animals that contain purin that can increase uric acid levels. "This will be a problem. The meat comes from goats and cows are indeed many contain saturated fat can raise blood cholesterol levels, "said Ari in a press release received by CNN Indonesia.

Not only that the health risk is also increased by the processing of the cuisine is not healthy. "Usually the meat Coconut Curry made with coconut and high levels of salt. This will be a problem made some, "he explained.

On the day of sacrifice some people may get the meat in large quantities. To that end, Ari reminiscent, if the excessive meat consumed in a short time, then it will certainly cause health problems.

Direct impacts that could occur when excessive meat eating is constipation. "If the meat is consumed excessively toward the bed, it will stimulate the onset of reflux of gastric contents so that it can interfere with sleep," said Ari reveal.

He again reminds the ill effects of consuming innards. According to him, offal-bovine offal or apart from increasing levels of uric acid may also increase blood uric acid levels. So, don't eat innards is excessive, he said.

"For patients who are sufferers of hypertension, high blood cholesterol levels (other), high blood levels of uric acid (hiperuresemia), sufferers of diabetes and obesity, should be extra cautious in consuming mutton or beef during the feast of sacrifice."

The reason, according to Ari, it could just be someone who consumes flesh is excessive in a short time can aggravate the condition of illness.

Purin and Gout

Purin, substances called Ari Fahrial high simply applied in the offal of animals is closely associated with the disease of gout or the more popular we know as gout.

Gout is in fact already a long time ago known the world's media. This disease used to be often referred to as ' the disease of Kings '. The problem is when it's a disease that more commonly attacked the men who attacked them is indeed packed with the delicious taste-yummy as nobles.

As quoted from WebMD no less than King Henry VIII, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, and suffered from a type of joint inflammation disease or arthritis.

The Honorable people at that time did have a similar appetite for modern people today. Rich in red meat and seafood, and green vegetables, nuts, mushrooms and cauliflower that is high levels of purinnya. official kokimganteng recipe

Purin in the body will break down into uric acid or gout. The remaining product will crystallize, accumulated in the joints with the shape of the ends of the Crystal are usually keen to cause joint inflammation that feels pain. No wonder it is usually those who have never been subject to attacks of gout, it is recommended to avoid foods rich in purin.

Fortunately various studies on this disease has shown where food is really so the source of the attacks of gout. One of them, the researchers found that low-fat milk can prevent the emergence of gout.

"Drinking two glasses of milk per day of weak low is associated with decreased risk of gout to 50 percent," said research leader Hyon Choi, MD, DrPH, of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. "We think this is due to low levels of dairy products purinnya, but high levels of the protein. And protein seems to be the most help to lower the levels of uric acid. "

In his research involving 47.150 men Choi risk goutnya increased to 21 percent while they are eating lamb, beef, and pork per day, plus a 7 percent share of consumption of seafood each week. "Chicken meat and other white meat does not increase the risk of gout," said Choi who his research published in the New England Journal of Medicine that.



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